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In Development


An avenging angel – a so-called Ragman of the Battle of the Bulge era – returns across multiple timelines to protect the souls of service men and women suffering from PTSD who have been mistreated by their superiors.


Never look a Ragman in the eye. For if you do, you will surely die.


A twisted actor takes his revenge on the very society that created him, by turning his television persona into an instrument of death.


200 years into the future, the world has been overrun by the <Machine>, a destructive Artificial Intelligence. Twelve ships traverse the solar system, representing the best ideals of humanity, searching for hidden code that will free us once again.


Caught in a never-ending war between rival gangs, a dedicated servant of the Blacks holds fast against the Whites as human collateral grows. But when the Retainer meets a beautiful woman and her trusting son, he must choose between loyalty and love.

The above projects are a small sample of META Studios' vast selection of intellectual property and upcoming projects. For more information, please contact us via our Head of Studio Development:

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