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META Studios boasts a collaboration of Team Members with between 10-30 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry. Our respective accomplishments span virtually all media, with the exception of wormhole technology and interpretive dance (though we are working on those last two).

Our expertise in all media has led us into the areas of animation, film, television, video games, comic books, set design, music videos, technology research, novels, and even patents and software innovations.

Our Team is currently developing projects for new media such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. Some of our past (and current) Projects include:

Avengers Batman Batman
Avengers (Marvel/Disney) Batman (DC/Warner) Captain America (Marvel/Disney)
Daredevil G.I. Joe (Devil's Due) Constantine
Daredevil (Marvel/Disney) G.I. Joe (Devil's Due) Constantine
Kratos God of War III Hellblazer Incredible Hulk
God of War (Sony Entertainment) Hellblazer (CBS and DC/Warner) Incredible Hulk (Marvel/Disney)
The Inhumans X-Men Mafia
The Inhumans (Marvel/Disney) X-Men (Marvel/Disney) Mafia II (2K Games)
The Inhumans Soul Reaver Spawn
Nashville (ABC) Soul Reaver (Vivendi Universal) Spawn (TMP/Image)
Spiderman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Darkness
Spider Man (Marvel/Disney) TMNT (Nickelodeon) The Darkness (2K Games)
Tomorrowland Twisted Metal Wolverine Origin
Tomorrowland Twisted Metal: Black (SCEA) Wolverine: Origin (Marvel/Disney)


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