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In addition to hosting the production of large budget "tent pole" films for the major studios, and creating original material across all media, META Studios focuses on film co-productions with existing independent production companies.

Thanks to our access to two million square feet of camera ready production facilities, META boasts a mix of stage space and existing areas with significant production values. META provides additional financing options, and will broker available tax credits to help our partners take advantage of Georgia's 30% film and game tax credits.

Thanks to META's core competency in the area of cross-media development, we provide creative services leveraging decades of industry experience and next-generation technology and advancement. From comic books to Augmented Reality and gaming apps, let us bring your production into new areas of development with attention given to the appropriate areas of cross media potential.

But don't expect to hear us say the phrase "Trans-Media" because, frankly, that is a bunch of hogwash!


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