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Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins - Writer, Composer, Creator, Designer.

Paul Jenkins has been creating, writing and building franchises for over 20 years in the graphic novel, film and video game industries. Over the last two decades Paul has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of literally hundreds of world-renowned, recognizable entertainment icons.

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Derek Jacoby

Derek Jacoby - The Jacoby Group.

Founded by Jim Jacoby in 1975, the Jacoby Group has expanded its focus from initial endeavors in "traditional" retail center development to a broader vision of embracing and promoting environmental stewardship.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Jacoby Group focuses on real estate, energy, biotechnology, media, and education – all with an emphasis on sustaining the environment and seeking solutions for tomorrow's generations.

Today the Jacoby Group is committed to conscious and responsible studio space for film and television ventures, as well as job growth via a strong infrastructural plan.


Sean Freeland

Sean Freeland was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is the son of a school teacher and a professional musician. He had an affinity for the arts from a young age and began performing in high school.

After graduating from Florida State University, Sean opened his own restaurant at the young age of twenty-seven, which he owned and ran for ten years while continuing to work in the film industry. Sean now focuses on the film and TV industry full time as a producer, writer, and actor.

Sean has worked on such projects as Constantine, Nashville, Smashed, The Game and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. He has also done work for such notable companies as Turner Classic Movies and Chick-Fil-A.



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