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META Studios - Education at the Atlanta Media Campus™

Thanks to its attractive tax incentives and broad network of production and post-production facilities, Georgia's film industry has enjoyed a significant boom in recent years.

The state offers virtually any type of landscape from the beautiful North Georgia Mountains to the coastal beaches in the south, and a large international airport. In short, it can house productions year-round.

But a continued effort must be made to identify and train talent, which will provide direct logistical support to the state's own infrastructure, as well as its hundreds of yearly visiting productions.

Meta Studios is developing partnerships with a number of Georgia educational institutions, as well as the newly formed Georgia Film Academy, in order to conduct training programs run by industry professionals. These seminars and workshops are designed to give students first hand knowledge in valuable film skills, and providing hands-on learning for media projects.

Meta Studios hopes to enhance media programs in existing GA institutions, create new educational programs for people interested in media (non-degree classes), and offer programs to aid veterans for transition back to the workforce. Meta is dedicated to providing interns direct access to independent film projects, where they will have the opportunity to learn valuable skills such as set etiquette and safety, and may also shadow key positions such as producers, directors, DP's and line producers.

Meta Studios is also unique in that it produces cross-media projects, so students will have a unique opportunity to observe how intellectual property (e.g., a film script) is developed across all media.

Meta's continuing goal is to provide quality training to meet the growing and immediate needs of the Georgia film and entertainment industry, while simultaneously looking to the future by training Georgia's future Producers, Directors and Intellectual Property Creators.


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